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Frequently Asked Questions

How easy are DTUK boxes to install and remove?

We pride ourselves on supplying systems that are as simple to install as possible. Virtually all our kits can be fitted on your driveway with little mechanical skill required. All you need is to be able to follow our simple instructions that even include detailed photographs of the engine in question. No stock images and generic text to be found here! We are just a phone call away should you have any issues and we will even contact you prior to despatching your order should you purchase a system that we know to be slightly more complex just to make you aware of an awkwardly located sensor or similar. We know what it is like when your new toy arrives and we want you to be able to fit it, and start enjoying it, as soon as possible. We have several installation guides on our How to Fit page. Or please send an email to [email protected] requesting a “PRE PURCHASE” set of fitting instructions

How many connections does your tuning box make to the engine of my car?

his is one of the most important questions you should be asking, and considering when choosing a tuning box for you car.

Here at DTUK we try to make as many connections to the engine as possible, for the older eu3, eu4 and eu5 common rail diesel equipped vehicles we utilise a mixture of technologies, this can either be single channel ( fuel only), twin channel ( fuel and air), try channel ( fuel, air and RPM), and in some cases like the latest I-ART injection system we connect to all 4 injectors plus an RPM reference ( 5 connections in total).

As emissions regulations have become stricter, so has the opportunity to extract power from modern eu6 and eu6d petrol and Diesel engines.

The majority of DTUK tuning boxes (FSR+ CRD3+ MPT)  for both petrol and diesel vehicles  make 3 connections to the engine. This includes Fuel (fuel pressure sensor), air (boost and/or manifold sensor) and RPM (camshaft position sensor) In some cases our CRDT+ (2 connections) controls fuelling alongside an RPM signal

The 3rd one is very  important moreson on the latest eu6 and eud6 engines, as its allows a more precise tune to be created rather than just a simple “blanket” increase over the complete rev range.

The lack of an RPM connection results  in a less precise tune with an increased chance of issues with DPF and OPF ( emissions filters) which are an integral part of the latest emissions regulations.

So when comparing tuning boxes for the latest eu6 and eu6d (2019 onwards) equipped vehicles , always ask how many connections ( the number of sensors the box connections to) is made to the vehicle, and if it doesn’t include an RPM connection, then our advice is to be wary and ask “Why not?”

If you have any questions, please dont hesitate to contact us

Are DTUK boxes detectable by the vehicle manufacturer?

At this point in time (May 2020) we would have to say NO.

There have been many instances of manufacturers detecting “remapped” software within a vehicle’s ECU (Electronic Control Unit). However, we do not remap the ECU so this style of detection does not affect our products. We work downstream of the ECU and connect to various sensors. We are not aware of a single instance of a manufacturer detecting a tuning module if the tuning module has been fully removed from the vehicle prior to it going in to the dealership for maintenance. However, the fact remains that vehicle manufacturers will continue to enhance and upgrade their software so we cannot state unequivocally what the future will bring. When purchasing any form of tuning the purchaser assumes all inherent risk that those modifications may bring. No guarantee is offered with regards to your original manufacturer’s warranty.

What are the benefits of the optional Bluetooth App control?

Bluetooth Application benefits:

1. Our Bluetooth modules are a brand new platform with new internals, a faster processor for a more refined controlled tune & advanced technology for digital and analogue applications. The only similarity is the external casing but with a all new Red Keypad.

2. The bluetooth application allows the user to adjust the programs and fine tuning settings, control the engine warm up timer (between 1-15 minutes), view live readings of your engines sensors the tuning module is connected too all from the convenience of smart device.

3. Over the air updates now available – great convenience if you change vehicle or if a new software update becomes available.

4. If you upgrade to the bluetooth module you receive 2 years extra module warranty & the ability to transfer between both Petrol & Diesel applications if applicable.

5. Also upgradeable for use on vehicles that require SENT Protocol Digital Tuning technology.

6. Application available for all devices running Android 7.0 and IOS10 & above.


Can this be added after purchased? – No this isn’t possible

Why should I buy a box from DTUK rather than anyone else?

Let’s be honest, the tuning box market is a very hard place to negotiate around and there are a lot of claims out there that frankly just don’t add up… One thing that the team at DTUK have always been proud about is being transparent and honest with every customer we deal with.
One of these being the fact that we are a partner of DTE systems GmbH founded in 1996. We have worked with DTE since 2005 and will continue to do so as their hardware/software is some of the highest quality including over 3500 TUV approved applications. This is far superior to other companies who have approached us in regards to selling their systems.

You may find a lot of these tuning boxes sold online are very much the same product. You can often tell as they use the same components throughout a variety of different boxes in the marketplace. One of these being the connection that is made from the wiring harness to the tuning box its self. No doubt the internals are very similar also. These boxes are being sold in the UK for £350+ and can be purchased from the company manufacturing them direct for £150-£250.
You may also find that a lot of these tuning boxes only offer 1 program and 1-7 settings. Here at DTUK we have always had a selection of programs and settings to be able to choose from. On all of our push button modules we offer 3 programs and 7 settings on each of those programs. That’s a total of 21 settings on one tuning box!

Another benefit that helps us stand above the rest is that our systems can be used on both analogue and digital sensored engines.
Now this might mean absolutely nothing to you and may not ever affect you in the future… BUT there are a lot of our customers that run our tuning boxes on newer lease/financed vehicles. Now if you are one of those customers who change their cars every few years or so this could be a huge benefit to you. As of yet there are only a certain few manufactures that use digital sensors, but more and more are transferring across to these. The newer VAG range (Audi, Seat, Skoda, Volkswagen) and even newer Mercedes are now starting to use these digital sensors.
These sensors go by the term SENT (Single Edged Nibble Transmission) which you may have seen mentioned on our page before and this basically means that they now take a digital signal rather than the analogue signal that has been used in previous cars for many years. A lot of other companies don’t offer this and require a brand new box that tends to retail at around £550+ to be able to work with their SENT sensored vehicles.

Listed below are all of the boxes that now have the ability to use both analogue and digital sensors;

CRD2+/ CRDT+/ CRD3+/ FSR+/ MP-T+ with Bluetooth app control.

Just a little something to consider before you make a purchase.

The obvious ones:


  • The details:
  • A range of Multichannel Petrol, Diesel and Hybrid Tuning Boxes suitable for nearly all applications.
  • Continual development including updated processors and hardware to ensure that we stay at the forefront of tuning technology.
  • Dyno proven software written and developed in-house by DTUK®
  • Fully Adjustable Digital Petrol and Diesel Tuning Systems offering up to 40% dyno proven gains in Power and Torque
  • Up to 20% improvement in Fuel Economy**
  • Programmed specifically for your car, van, truck, boat, motorhome or tractor
  • Improved throttle response with a smoother driving experience
  • Improved low rev range Torque, ideal for towing
  • Suitable for both manual and automatic transmissions
  • Software purpose written for vehicles fitted with a diesel particulate filter (DPF)
  • 5 Year* Module Warranty for complete peace of mind. (*subject to terms and conditions)
  • Transferable to your next vehicle, where compatible. Speak to us for more details
  • Simple 10 minute average self-fitment, or Nationwide Fitting via our Dealer Network (contact us for details and costs)
  • 24 Hour UK based technical support via email
  • Next Day Delivery via Royal Mail Special Delivery (UK only)
  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Future proof yourself, the switch to digital 

Can I transfer my DTUK tuning box to another car?

In most cases our tuning boxes can be transferred/reprogrammed to a different car. This depends on several things including :

A) The injection type

We have a range of boxes to cover various injection types, from Direct Injection, Common Rail and the latest I-Art injection system. So for instance a box designed for a vehicle using direct injection, cannot be used on a vehicle using common rail.

B) The age/type of the box.

As technology has moved on our boxes have become more versatile, and in some cases (from late 2017) are now able to tune both analogue sensors as well as Digital SENT sensors.

If the box you have purchased from us is suitable for your next car, then chances are that you will need a new wiring loom/cables, and a software update.

Looms/cables are chargeable, this is vehicle dependant/application dependant. Please contact us for a price on the relevant costs to transfer your box

Software refreshes/updates are FREE of charge throughout the warranty period of the box. Either 3 years with non app controlled tuning boxes, our 5 years with our app controlled tuning boxes.

For further information or clarification, please email your proof of purchase to [email protected]

(This only applies to the original purchaser and not to second hand items where software updates are chargeable at £99 plus vat)

What is “SENT Capability” / “SENT Tuning Box"


Starting with a selection of MY2016 engines from premium manufacturers, such as Audi, SEAT, Skoda, Mercedes and Porsche, some engines are going to move to utilising a sensor technology that is incompatible with existing tuning module technologies. The SENT range of digital sensors uses a single signal to transmit a variety of information in a concise effective manner.


SENT stands for Single Edge Nibble Transmission. A form of digital data transmission that can pack a 32-bit signal in to a single line from an engine sensor to the vehicle ECU. Effectively, transmitting much more information than a traditional analogue sensor. For full nerd speak you can check the Wikipedia page here:


No, it’s much more than that. Until now, tuning systems have only had to cope with one type of technology. Whether common rail, injectors or boost, etc. all existing sensors used for tuning have been analogue so systems has only ever needed to control a variety of analogue signals. Our partners in Germany, DTE Systems, have worked around the clock to develop the MP-T Tuning System (soon to be copied by our competitors and probably renamed the PM-T) in order to optimise the technology and create a system that can handle multiple inputs from engines that utilise a variety of traditional analogue and digital SENT sensors. However, the TUV-approved MP-T still benefits from all the market-leading features that you’ve come to expect from our products as well as the newly developed Adaptive Sensor System which constantly monitors engine RPM in order to adapt and ‘load-balance’ the tune and Engine Protect+ which adds additional safety functions to safeguard the ECU. Unifying the analogue and the digital in this way is truly a world first for tuning systems!


All of our MP-T, CRD3+/FSR+ (with app control) tuning boxes  are provided with vehicle specific looms featuring Original Equipment (OE) connectors for ease of fitment in a matter of minutes, meaning that the system can be removed at any time. Full colour fitting instructions provide detailed images of the install and where needed cable routing information is also provided. Three individual tuning maps, specific to your vehicle, are placed into the memory of the system prior to dispatch. The reason behind this is that every vehicle is different and every driver has their own unique style. By providing 3 different options we are confident that at least 1 of the maps will suit both the driver and their vehicle. Give me an example? Recent exhaustive testing has boosted the, previously untuneable, Audi RS3 (8VA) from 367ps and 465Nm to 410ps and 557Nm knocking 1.1 seconds off the 60-100mph time!

Why do you quote figures in PS rather than BHP?

BHP, brake horsepower, is an adaptation of the Victorian Imperial measurement of horsepower. The ability of one horse to lift 33,000lbs by 1ft. Since the move to a metric system PS, pferdestärke, has taken over in many markets and is now the universal language for car manufacturers. To save confusion we leave the cars standard figure in PS so it makes sense to declare our tuned figure in PS also.

Diesel Tuning system better than a 'chip' or remap?

We are often asked which tuning option is ‘best’ and there simply isn’t a one-fits-all answer to the question. Professional, reputable, remaps certainly have their place, especially on a vehicle that has or will have an extensively modified engine. A remap will tailor a vehicle to an uprated turbo, FMIC, etc, far more effectively than a tuning system. For the average driver who is looking for a safe upgrade that will provide power, economy and enhanced drivability, a DTUK tuning system is the way forward. The majority of our systems can be fitted by the average customer in less than half an hour, many in 5-10 minutes. All come with full colour fitting instructions and first class telephone customer support. Be very wary of anyone who can ‘flash’ a remap to your car in that period of time as it is most likely a generic map downloaded off the internet and loaded from their laptop. All our systems offer a range of adjustability not available with a remap or chip. As each vehicle is built to a manufacturing tolerance, no two are the same. The same is true of each driver. As such, adjustability is required so that the customer can tailor the system to their vehicle and driving style. Many engines are shared between manufacturers, as are components and technologies. As such, most DTUK tuning systems are transferrable between a variety of vehicles, often only requiring a software change (free to existing customers) or a change of loom (charged at a trade price to existing customers). Alternatively, if nothing can be done to transfer an existing system to a new application, an existing customer can purchase a suitable system at a trade price. DTUK tuning systems are well known across internet forums and popular auction sites. As such they command a healthy resale value should you choose to sell the system on when you change vehicle, whereas a remap or soldered chip would stay with the vehicle and your investment would be lost. A remap or chip can also cause you issues should your vehicle visit a garage, dealership or be subject to a warranty repair or recall. Firstly, It is standard practice in many workshops to automatically perform a full software update on any modern vehicle that goes in for work. This update is highly likely to overwrite any aftermarket software (remap) installed on the vehicle. Secondly, the presence of a remap or the physical alterations (breaking the seal on a factory ECU, etc) required to install a chip will immediately invalidate any manufacturer or aftermarket warranty.

Whats the best setting to use on my DTUK Tuning Box?

We are often asked which tuning option is the “ Best setting” and  there simply isn’t a one-fits-all answer to the question. We want to share as much information prior to adjusting the system so the correct procedure is followed to set up your DTUK tuning system to your preference. If you then decide to ignore our advice and subsequently see an engine light or experience issues due to over adjustment, it gives us a little recourse. The sticker is on the module as 99% of users don’t read instructions and simply turn the box onto the highest setting and then wonder why they have seen an engine light. This usually results in negative feedback being published on social media and forums. With all of our systems we have an optimised setting; a little analogy we like to use… “If you turn your toaster up too high you will burn your toast”. Now this isn’t the same principle with a vehicle, what you may find is that if you over adjust the system the vehicle will display an engine light as you have been a little greedy with the power and the safety tolerance set by the manufacturer has been reached. Quite often than not customers contact us saying “Joe Bloggs” is running P2+1 I want to run this setting on my car. Our advice is to ignore anything you may have read online regarding the “best setting”, in fact even if you have 2 identical cars in the household please treat each vehicle as a unique item and don’t simply assume that the setting you’re using in one car, is the best for another. As we’re constantly looking to update software and make improvements if required software versions do vary so where you could be comparing to a friend’s identical car you may different software. So where do we start? We start off with a little bit of information on how to use the system and making adjustments. Firstly, the module itself needs power – to make any adjustments to the module the ignition must be in the first position or the vehicles engine running. Secondly… one of our most common asked questions: The LED lights on the module will FLASH 99% of the time – this means the box is in lock down mode and can’t be adjusted but the flashing lights indicate the Program and fine adjustment that has been selected. Once the box is unlocked by holding the plus and minus buttons down the LED lights will then go solid, this means you can adjust the system. After several seconds of inactivity on the keypad the system will lock automatically. If in doubt at any time please read the instructions provided with the kit or get in touch. Can’t feel a difference with the box fitted?? – Then please check and make sure you’ve not switched the module to “off” If you have 3 LEDs “RED” “YELLOW and “GREEN” flashing under the P button, then the module is switched off. Yes, we know it sounds crazy, but this is known to of happened so please make sure you only have 1 LED light flashing under the P with the set adjustments, either RED, YELLOW or GREEN on their own or a P light with the specific fine-tuning settings selected and this means that one of the 3 programmes is selected.   PUSH Button Control Systems – CRD2+ CRD3+ FSR+ MP-T+ (with or without bluetooth control) For the majority of our systems there are 3 programs which 99% of the time all show equal Peak BHP and Torque figures, what differs between our 3 programs is how the power is delivered through the RPM range of the vehicle? For anyone unsure this means for example Program 1 may start earlier, 2 later etc… (Please note this is not a specific description of your vehicle so please try the following information to set up your DTUK tuning system). Our advice would be to start with P1, P2, P3 not adjusting the fine tuning… this will allow you to get a feel of the power delivery the program has to offer… after a short drive or even a couple of days of trying each program settle with your preferred. Once you have found your preferred program then adjust the fine tuning. With all of our push button systems we optimise the programs to run on 0/+1. Anything higher may result in an engine management light, but there again may not. It is purely down to sensor tolerances, and in some cases fuel quality and ambient air temps can affect things. The minus settings – we’ve had a couple of customers who have contacted us and have found that -1 or even -2 have given them even better results than 0 or +1. If you are having issues we would advise customers to try the minus settings as it maybe some bizarre anomaly that can’t be explained as surely – should mean less rather than more?? With mentioning that subject even -3 should and will give you more power than stock. Think of it as 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 rather than -3, -2,-1 zero +1, +2, +3. PDI & PD2 systems For modules such as our PDI, PD2 systems etc please note there is 4 programs… the same principle applies as above. Red Power, Green Eco3 & MP2 systems For systems with a potentiometer (Red, Green ECO3) you have settings 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,A,B,C,D,E,F (1 being the lowest and F the highest) we will send the module out present to the suitable base setting for your application. We recommend to adjust the system up in increments – if you see an engine light reduce the setting down. Engine Management Light?! If you do see an engine light, don’t worry this is your engine telling you that you’re being “greedy” so please don’t panic! If the system is turned down the light will either go out straight away, or after a certain number of full ecu power downs. (A “full ECU power down” means starting your vehicle, switching it off, locking it, walking away for around 20-30 minutes). We are also asked the question “what’s this little black block in the box with the tuning module?” That’s our blanking plug for our systems (please note some vehicle don’t require this – if you’re unsure please refer to the installation manual or get in touch) which reverts the vehicle back to stock leaving the harness in place without needing to remove it entirely if you want the vehicle back to stock easily. Bluetooth Applications Legal Notice – Usage of Smartphones Whilst Driving is not allowed in many countries. Please Comply to legislation applicable to your country of residence as we will not be held liable for failure to comply. If you have purchased a system with Bluetooth capability pleasure ensure you are using the guidance as follows: 1. Location of the module is key 2. The keypad of the module must be facing towards the driver or in some cases upwards (if the keypad is facing away from the driver the Bluetooth signal cannot travel out of the module. 3. For the strongest and constant connection we advise using a mobile phone mount on the dashboard or air vent (Please comply with local legislation). All we want is for customers to be able to enjoy our product, but to also realise that their car is as unique as them, and in essence some trial and error is required to set up the system to best suit your car, and more importantly your driving style.

if the car is capable of safely making this additional power, why does it not do so from the factory?

Another very common question that has a few contributing factors to the answer. Modern vehicles are built globally, using manufacturer platforms that are designed to be used in a variety of applications, in a range of diverse environments across the world. If we take, as an example, the popular 2.0 170ps Common Rail engine built by the VAG group. This engine is used in a sporty Seat, a large executive Audi, a, Skoda taxi, a load-lugging Volkswagen Amarok pick-up truck and everything in between – all with the same management software. Because of the global nature of modern vehicles it has to be able to cope with driving through the Sahara Desert and a Norwegian winter fuelled by the lowest quality of diesel you could possibly find in a third-world fuel station. If we remove all those variables and focus on your specific vehicle, being driven in a country that benefits from a mild ambient air temperature and a high quality of diesel we can comfortably take a vehicle to a level that far exceeds the standard, generic set-up whilst staying within the engines tolerances and safety parameters. Another consideration for certain vehicles is that a lower powered variant is often a restricted variant of the same manufacturers own higher powered engine. If we go back to the VAG group the 2.0 140 Common Rail and 2.0 170 Common Rail are only differentiated by the software installed by the manufacturer.

Can a DTUK tuning system damage my engine or its ancillaries?

DTUK tuning systems are designed and manufactured by DTE Systems of Germany to exacting standards and meet with TüV approval, probably the most stringent testing standard in the world. All systems are developed to work within the confines of the vehicle manufacturers safety parameters. We have never had, to our knowledge, an incident where our unit has been responsible for any engine or engine related problem. Virtually, all incidents reported to us at DTUK can be attributed to customer misfitment. For additional peace of mind all systems are shipped with a, non-transferable, 3 year warranty Diesel Tuning UK Warranty.

Will I achieve the figures that are published?

The majority of our figures are based on data gained from rolling road testing undertaken here in the UK or in Germany. As each vehicle is different, due to manufacturing tolerances, state of repair, time since service, etc, we cannot guarantee figures for horsepower or economy. Anyone who does offer that guarantee is making a promise they simply can’t keep.

How can I have increased power and economy, surely that is having your cake and eating it?

Efficiency and economy is governed by how hard the vehicle has to work to move itself down the road. If you have more horsepower and more torque, the vehicle is able to get up to speed with less effort, tow more easily, cruise in higher gears, etc, which all leads to improved economy. A DTUK tuning system is designed to optimise the vehicles torque level and deliver the power when and where you need it. 15% increases in economy are common and backed up by our many, many customer testimonials.

How do i know that I am getting the best from my DTUK system? What setting should I use?

We always advise testing the various settings of a DTUK system and this is the only way to get the best from the system. A session on a rolling road can tell you which setting gets the most power on your particular car. Miles of back to back testing can tell you which setting gets the best economy on your particular car. Friendly internet forum users can tell you which setting they like on their own personal car. But, no one except you can tell you which setting YOU like to use. Our happiest customers are always those who take the time to explore the various options from their chosen system.

How easy is it to adjust the systems between the various settings?

We have a variety of systems on the market, depending on installation, which are adjusted in one of two ways. In each instance they system will have a protective window or cover that has to be removed using a T10 Torx bit – if you don’t have one just let us know at time of ordering and we will happily include one with your order free of charge. The two adjustment types are either a simple dial that adjusts in increments or a series of jumpers and pins. Adjustment instructions are included as part of the fitting guide.

How easy is it to remove the vehicle to factory standard?

Very simple, DTUK tuning systems are shipped with a blanking plug (system dependant) which can quickly and easily be attached to the loom in place of the tuning box in only a couple of minutes, returning the vehicle to standard performance. To go completely to standard simply remove the loom in a reversal of fitting, leaving no trace of our system.

Do you offer a bespoke service?

Yes, but only at our HQ in County Durham. We will happily work with any customer using one of our multimap systems, by appointment, to optimise their system and their preferred software.

Do i need to tell my insurance company?

Yes, you should notify your insurance company of any modification that alters a car from factory standard. Many insurance companies are aware of our systems and the positive impacts they can have on your vehicle. Please feel free to ask us for recommended insurance companies.

What if I have a problem with my DTUK tuning system?

Simply select one of the options on our Contact Us page to get in touch so that we can discuss your problem and take the necessary steps to rectify it for you.

Who can I contact about a DTUK tuning system that I have purchased second-hand?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer warranty or aftersales support on second hand systems. Far too many unscrupulous people are misadvertising our systems on the internet in order to sell them at a higher price. We regular encounter systems purposely missold for an incorrect application, other companies systems passed off as ours, damaged or outdated systems being sold on with non-existent warranties and/or forged paperwork. Due to data protection ( GDPR) we are unable to discuss a customers purchase with anyone other than the original purchaser, who’s name is on the invoice.

Our boxes are programmed with software specific to the vehicle, engine, power output and transmission type, so they shouldn’t be plugged into any other vehicle with the correct software being loaded into them. 

Can I part-exchange an old system against a new DTUK tuning system?

No, we do not accept part-exchanges against new systems. This simply does not represent the best value for you, our valued customer. As an existing customer you can purchase a new system from us at a trade price and can sell your old system online for more than we can offer you for an exchange.

I am unsure exactly which engine variant I have, how can I tell?

In many cases, your logbook (V5) document that came with your car will give you the information you require. Alternatively, give us a call with your registration number and we will do the rest.

My vehicle doesn't appear to be listed, do you have a DTUK tuning system for it?

It is virtually impossible to maintain a comprehensive, up to date, listing. Get in touch through the Contact Us page and we will happily check your application.

Can I combine your system with a remap/chip?

A DTUK tuning system, a chip and a remap are all designed to achieve similar end results in different ways. It is not recommended to combine them.

I have changed a setting and now have an Engine Management Light (EML), what do I do?

The EML is the vehicles way of telling you that you have been a little greedy and that it is not comfortable with the new setting. Simply switch the box to a different setting and try again.

Do you sell to international customers?

Yes, we certainly do. International shipping options are available at checkout and VAT free prices are available for relevant countries.

Can the vehicle manufacturer detect a tuning module?

There have been many instances of manufacturers detecting “remapped” software within a vehicle’s ECU (Electronic Control Unit). However, we do not remap the ECU so this style of detection does not affect our products. We work downstream of the ECU. We are not aware of a single instance of a manufacturer detecting a tuning module if the tuning module has been fully removed from the vehicle prior to it going in to the dealership for maintenance. However, the fact remains that vehicle manufacturers will continue to enhance and upgrade their software so we cannot state unequivocally what the future will bring. When purchasing any form of tuning the purchaser assumes all inherent risk that those modifications may bring. No guarantee is offered with regards to your original manufacturer’s warranty.

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