How To Fit

Easy to fit

We pride ourselves on supplying systems that are as simple to install as possible. Virtually all our kits can be fitted on your driveway with little mechanical skill required. All you need is to be able to follow our simple instructions that even include detailed photographs of the engine in question. No stock images and generic text to be found here!

We are just a phone call away should you have any issues and we will even contact you prior to despatching your order should you purchase a system that we know to be slightly more complex just to make you aware of an awkwardly located sensor or similar.

We know what it is like when your new toy arrives and we want you to be able to fit it, and start enjoying it, as soon as possible.

Below are a series of example installation guides and even some videos so that you can see how the fitting process works.

A video showing a typical install of a DTUK Tuning Box

A video showing a typical install of a Pedal Box

A video showing how to use the DTUK box via our mobile app

Installation PDF Downloads for Diesel Tuning:

if your vehicle is not listed below and you would like to see what is involved in installing a DTUK Box to your vehicle, then please send an email to


Installation PDF Downloads for Petrol Tuning:

please note that our updates systems that were released in early 2018 no longer require a 12v power supply, if this is mentioned in the examples below then please ignore this. The revised/up to date instructions will be sent with any systems ordered from us 🙂

Online Installation Guides:

Fitting Videos

For a selection of installation Videos please click here

Some general advice on how to use the DTUK box correctly and find your optimum setting

We want to share as much information prior to adjusting the system so the correct procedure is followed to set up your DTUK tuning system to your preference. If you then decide to ignore our advice and subsequently see an engine light or experience issues due to over adjustment, it gives us a little recourse.

The sticker is on the module as 99% of users don’t read instructions and simply turn the box onto the highest setting and then wonder why they have seen an engine light. This usually results in negative feedback being published on social media and forums. With all of our systems we have an optimised setting; a little analogy we like to use… “If you turn your toaster up too high you will burn your toast”. Now this isn’t the same principle with a vehicle, what you may find is that if you over adjust the system the vehicle will display an engine light as you have been a little greedy with the power and the safety tolerance set by the manufacturer has been reached.

Quite often than not customers contact us saying “Joe Bloggs” is running P2+1 I want to run this setting on my car. Our advice is to ignore anything you may have read online regarding the “best setting”, in fact even if you have 2 identical cars in the household please treat each vehicle as a unique item and don’t simply assume that the setting you’re using in one car, is the best for another. As we’re constantly looking to update software and make improvements if required software versions do vary so where you could be comparing to a friend’s identical car you may different software.

So where do we start? We start off with a little bit of information on how to use the system and making adjustments.

Firstly, the module itself needs power – to make any adjustments to the module the ignition must be in the first position or the vehicles engine running.

Secondly… one of our most common asked questions: The LED lights on the module will FLASH 99% of the time – this means the box is in lock down mode and can’t be adjusted but the flashing lights indicate the Program and fine adjustment that has been selected. Once the box is unlocked by holding the plus and minus buttons down the LED lights will then go solid, this means you can adjust the system. After several seconds of inactivity on the keypad the system will lock automatically. If in doubt at any time please read the instructions provided with the kit or get in touch.

Can’t feel a difference with the box fitted?? – Then please check and make sure you’ve not switched the module to “off” If you have 3 LEDs “RED” “YELLOW and “GREEN” flashing under the P button, then the module is switched off. Yes, we know it sounds crazy, but this is known to of happened so please make sure you only have 1 LED light flashing under the P with the set adjustments, either RED, YELLOW or GREEN on their own or a P light with the specific fine-tuning settings selected and this means that one of the 3 programmes is selected.

PUSH Button Control Systems
For the majority of our systems there are 3 programs which 99% of the time all show equal Peak BHP and Torque figures, what differs between our 3 programs is how the power is delivered through the RPM range of the vehicle? For anyone unsure this means for example Program 1 may start earlier, 2 later etc… (Please note this is not a specific description of your vehicle so please try the following information to set up your DTUK tuning system). Our advice would be to start with P1, P2, P3 not adjusting the fine tuning… this will allow you to get a feel of the power delivery the program has to offer… after a short drive or even a couple of days of trying each program settle with your preferred. Once you have found your preferred program then adjust the fine tuning. With all of our push button systems we optimise the programs to run on 0/+1. Anything higher may result in an engine management light, but there again may not. It is purely down to sensor tolerances, and in some cases fuel quality and ambient air temps can affect things.

The minus settings – we’ve had a couple of customers who have contacted us and have found that -1 or even -2 have given them even better results than 0 or +1. If you are having issues we would advise customers to try the minus settings as it maybe some bizarre anomaly that can’t be explained as surely – should mean less rather than more?? With mentioning that subject even -3 should and will give you more power than stock. Think of it as 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 rather than -3, -2,-1 zero +1, +2, +3.

PDI & PD2 systems
For modules such as our PDI, PD2 systems etc please note there is 4 programs… the same principle applies as above.

Red Power, Green Eco3 & MP2 systems
For systems with a potentiometer (Red, Green ECO3) you have settings 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,A,B,C,D,E,F (1 being the lowest and F the highest) we will send the module out present to the suitable base setting for your application. We recommend to adjust the system up in increments – if you see an engine light reduce the setting down.

Engine Management Light?!
If you do see an engine light, don’t worry this is your engine telling you that you’re being “greedy” so please don’t panic! If the system is turned down the light will either go out straight away, or after a certain number of full ecu power downs. (A “full ECU power down” means starting your vehicle, switching it off, locking it, walking away for around 20-30 minutes).
We are also asked the question “what’s this little black block in the box with the tuning module?” That’s our blanking plug for our systems (please note some vehicle don’t require this – if you’re unsure please refer to the installation manual or get in touch) which reverts the vehicle back to stock leaving the harness in place without needing to remove it entirely if you want the vehicle back to stock easily.

Bluetooth Applications
Legal Notice – Usage of Smartphones Whilst Driving is not allowed in many countries. Please Comply to legislation applicable to your country of residence as we will not be held liable for failure to comply.

If you have purchased a system with Bluetooth capability pleasure ensure you are using the guidance as follows:

1. Location of the module is key
2. The keypad of the module must be facing towards the driver or in some cases upwards (if the keypad is facing away from the driver the Bluetooth signal cannot travel out of the module.
3. For the strongest and constant connection we advise using a mobile phone mount on the dashboard or air vent (Please comply with local legislation).

All we want is for customers to be able to enjoy our product, but to also realise that their car is as unique as them, and in essence some trial and error is required to set up the system to best suit your car, and more importantly your driving style.