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Mercedes-benz Diesel Tuning Boxes including Petrol & Hybrids

Are you looking to tune your Mercedes-benz? If so, you are in the right place!

The DTUK Performance range of plug & play tuning systems and designed to get the most from your Mercedes-benz. Our systems benefit from the latest in multi-sensor technology and user-selectable multi-map tuning solutions.

Your turbocharged petrol, diesel or hybrid-engined Mercedes-benz is in the safest of hands. Our market-leading systems are programmed specifically for your vehicle and can be installed at home, usually in 20 minutes or less thanks to our OEM connectors and detailed colour installation instructions.

Our performance systems work in conjunction with your vehicles ECU, which means that all manufacturer safety parameters remain in place. This also gives the added benefit that with your DTUK tuning system removed your Mercedes-benz will revert back to a factory standard tune leaving no trace of installation.

Mercedes-benz Increased Power & Torque

Welcome to the world of improved engine performance with Mercedes DTUK tuning boxes! With our top-of-the-line tuning solutions, you can take your driving experience to the next level.

Our tuning boxes are compatible with a wide range of Mercedes models, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your vehicle. The best part? Installing a DTUK tuning box is a breeze. No special tools or technical expertise required.

We take customer satisfaction seriously, which is why we provide comprehensive customer support, including a helpline and email support. And, with our 3-5 year warranty, you can buy with confidence.

Don’t just take our word for it. Our satisfied customers have raved about the improved engine performance, increased horsepower, and fuel efficiency they’ve experienced with their DTUK tuning boxes.

Each DTUK tuning box is packed with features and specifications that are sure to impress. From improved throttle response to enhanced fuel efficiency, a DTUK tuning box is the perfect addition to your Mercedes.

Upgrade your driving experience today with a Mercedes DTUK tuning box!”

Expected results after fitting a DTUK tuning box to your Mercedes-Benz

A45 AMG 2.0 381PS tuned to 434ps and 564Nm

C-Class C220d Bluetec 170ps tuned to 220ps and 520Nm

A-Class A200 1.6 156PS tuned to 195ps and 310Nm

Once the system is installed you will immediately feel the increased power and torque that your engine has to offer, alongside improved throttle response and optimised driveability taking your Mercedes-benz to a whole new level of performance.

By transforming the torque and power on offer throughout the rev range you will find that your vehicle can more easily attain and maintain speed whilst also being able to drive smoothly in higher gears earlier and for longer helping you to increase economy. Many competitors look purely for the maximum power but that is rarely the optimal way to tune a vehicle. At DTUK we aim to ensure a vehicles drivability is maintained or enhanced so that power feels strong, linear and ‘factory’ in the way it is delivered.

We love to hear from our customers so if you have any pre-purchase questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Check the testimonial section below to see what other Mercedes-benz owners have had to say about their experience of fitting and using DTUK products.

  • The figures quoted below are an indication of what your car should produce after installing a DTUK Diesel, Hybrid or Diesel Tuning Box, in most cases, you could and should see higher figures.

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