Save on Fuel

99% of the Diesel Tuning boxes we supply are “Plug and Play” which means they use the Original Equipment Manufacturers connectors as used in the vehicle and simply plug in to the vehicles existing plugs to increase your diesel performance. No wires to cut, simply plug in and drive keeping your vehicles warranty intact.

Once you have bought and fitted your Diesel Tuning Box from DTUK you can expect between 20-40% more power and torque. You will also notice that your engine will run with a new smoothness that it has to be driven to be believed. Low down “flat spots” will virtually disappear on your Car, Van or even MotorHome and will pull through the gears with much more ease. You should also see an improvement in your vehicles fuel economy too, usually a 2-5 mpg improvement is achievable as your engines efficiency is maximised.

The idea behind the diesel performance box is to intercept the signal between the vehicle’s ECU and fuel injection system via the common rail or fuel injectors. To understand how the tuning box actually works it is important to understand how the diesel engine works.

In a diesel engine it is only air that is drawn into the compression cylinder, this is then compressed and reaches a very high temperature. When the piston is nearing the end of its cycle fuel is injected into the chamber and ignites due to the high temperature of the air.  This gives the power to drive the piston down. There is extra air left in the cylinder after this process, sometimes as much as 50%.

When extra fuel is injected into the chamber more torque and power and is created. This allows the optimum amount of fuel to in injected into each cylinder that results in the engine running more efficiently, and in most cases fuel economy is improved. This is due to the fact that you do not need to use as much throttle to propel your vehicle due to the increased power and torque.


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