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"Peugeot 2.8 Hdi Boxer 2001 Campervan"

DTUK® ECO 3 FUEL SAVING SYSTEM - Peugeot - 2.8 127PS

From Jim Delves

9th Jul 07 Hi Andrew Just a quick line to say that I purchased the green economic chip for my Campervan, I like to call it a RV, it?s a 2.8 HTI Boxer Autocruise Wentworth and quiet a heavy van. I purchased the chip for economy reasons, the fitting took less than 10 minutes, the longest time was removing and fitting the plastic cover to the engine. As the chip was only fitted at the weekend it was not possible to check fuel consumption, what I can tell you is that the torque and power have increased significantly, to the point of ridiculous, the van pulls in 5th gear from 30mph, whereas most people complain about the high gearing, on the short burst down the motorway, I found myself exceeding the speed limit were I would normally be cruising at 55 to 60mph. On a long slow incline instead of the vehicle slowing and having to change in to 4th gear the van maintained a steady 60mph with out consciously pressing on the loud peddle. As I have kept a log of the mileage and fuel used over 3 years it will be possible to accurately find out what the chip has done for the economy, I will keep you updated with these results later. I will also write to the MMM magazine in the technical section to say how the old version of the boxer base vehicle can be brought up to the power of the new version for little time, effort or money. Once again thank you for the invaluable help and guidance. Kind Regards Jim