Phil Christie - DTUK Performance

"Mercedes S320Cdi"


From Phil Christie

4th Feb 07 I run a Mercedes S320Cdi fitted with a DTUK Green Box and can confirm that power is considerably increased along with fuel economy. How that works I really don’t knowjust take my word for it Turbo lag has certainly decreased and the car seems smoother and much more eager through the gears. The S320Cdi is hardly a sports car but she now runs 0-60 in around 7 seconds which, for nearly 2 tonnes of motor, isn’t too bad! Nothing in life goes right all the time and I did have some early problems with my box in that the the engine kept cutting out intermittently. Andrew from DTUK was incredibly helpful. After a number of lengthy phone calls over a period of a week or two (most of these calls at Andrews expense I would point out!) we narrowed the problem down to a faulty wiring loom. A new loom arrived in the post the very next day and the problem was solved! The box has now been installed for over a year and I am one very happy customer. It’s a great way to put a permanent smile on your face when you’re behind the wheel! _________________ Phil Christie