Petrol & diesel tuning boxes for: Car / JEEP / RENEGADE from 2014 onwards

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Jeep tuning boxes for model renegade from 2014 onwards

Looking to improve and tune your Jeep RENEGADE from 2014 onwards? then look no further than the DTUK car tuning box. You could expect to see an increase of up to 40% more power and torque, sometimes, even more, using our plug and play petrol and diesel tuning boxes.

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1.0 T-GDi, 120PS/88kW, 999 ccm
120 120 0 0
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1.3 T-GDi 4x4, 180PS/132kW, 1332 ccm
180 180 0 0
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1.3 T-GDi, 150PS/110kW, 1332 ccm
150 185 270 320
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1.3, GSE T4 150PS/110kW, 1332 ccm
150 182 0 0
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1.4 4x4, 170PS/125kW, 1368 ccm
170 204 250 291
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1.4, 136PS/100kW, 1368 ccm
136 155 230 275
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1.4, 140PS/103kW, 1368 ccm
140 159 230 275
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1.6 CRD, 120PS/88kW, 1598 ccm
120 120 0 0
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1.6 CRD, 95PS/70kW, 1598 ccm
95 95 0 0
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1.6, 110PS/81kW, 1598 ccm
110 110 0 0
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2.0 CRD 4x4, 120PS/88kW, 1956 ccm
120 148 350 405
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2.0 CRD 4x4, 140PS/103kW, 1956 ccm
140 164 350 410
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2.0 CRD 4x4, 170PS/125kW, 1956 ccm
170 193 350 437
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2.4 4x4, 179PS/132kW, 2360 ccm
179 179 0 0
View tuning products for:
2.4, 179PS/132kW, 2360 ccm
179 179 0 0


Let’s be honest, the tuning box market is a very hard place to negotiate around and there are a lot of claims out there that frankly just don’t add up… One thing that the team at DTUK have always been proud about is being transparent and honest with every customer we deal with.
One of these being the fact that we are a partner of DTE systems GmbH founded in 1996. We have worked with DTE since 2005 and will continue to do so as their hardware/software is some of the highest quality including over 3500 TUV approved applications. This is far superior to other companies who have approached us in regards to selling their systems.

We’re often asked why people should buy our box rather than one from our competitors. Along with our Partners in Germany we invest a lot of time and effort in testing and proving our boxes before adding then to our website.

You may find a lot of these tuning boxes sold online are very much the same product. You can often tell as they use the same components throughout a variety of different boxes in the marketplace. One of these being the connection that is made from the wiring harness to the tuning box its self. No doubt the internals are very similar also. These boxes are being sold in the UK for £350+ and can be purchased from the company manufacturing them direct for £150-£250.
You may also find that a lot of these tuning boxes only offer 1 program and 1-7 settings. Here at DTUK we have always had a selection of programs and settings to be able to choose from. On all of our push button modules we offer 3 programs and 7 settings on each of those programs. That’s a total of 21 settings on one tuning box!

Check our FAQ page to find more reasons to trust DTUK to tune your pride and joy

Another benefit that helps us stand above the rest is that our systems can be used on both analogue and digital sensored engines.
Now this might mean absolutely nothing to you and may not ever affect you in the future… BUT there are a lot of our customers that run our tuning boxes on newer lease/financed vehicles. Now if you are one of those customers who change their cars every few years or so this could be a huge benefit to you. As of yet there are only a certain few manufactures that use digital sensors, but more and more are transferring across to these. The newer VAG range (Audi, Seat, Skoda, Volkswagen) and even newer Mercedes are now starting to use these digital sensors.
These sensors go by the term SENT (Single Edged Nibble Transmission) which you may have seen mentioned on our page before and this basically means that they now take a digital signal rather than the analogue signal that has been used in previous cars for many years. A lot of other companies don’t offer this and require a brand new box that tends to retail at around £550+ to be able to work with their SENT sensored vehicles.

Listed below are all of the boxes that now have the ability to use both analogue and digital sensors;

CRD2+/ CRDT+/ CRD3+/ FSR+/ MP-T+ with Bluetooth app control.

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