DTUK Tuning Boxes - Whats the best setting to use on my tuning box?

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Whats the best setting to use on my DTUK Tuning box?

L(This information relates to modules that we have supplied direct to the end user, and is not applicable to boxes bought second hand on various sites like ebay, or from your “brother /dad/ great aunt

Systems sold on ebay are often mis-sold as sellers claim that a certain tuning box is suitable for all vehicles that use a specific engine. This is not the case as manufacturers within the same group may use the same basic engine, but these are programmed specifically for their vehicles. Our boxes are programmed for these individual cars, and even different ages of the same vehicle may use different software. So you have been warned!!!!!!…)

We are often asked which tuning option is the “ Best setting” and  there simply isn’t a one-fits-all answer to the question.


We want to share as much information prior to adjusting the system, make sure the correct procedure is followed to set up your DTUK tuning system as we can. If you then decide to ignore our advice and subsequently see an engine light or experience issues due to over adjustment, it gives us very little recourse.
The sticker is on the module as 99% of users don’t read instructions and simply turn the box onto the highest setting and then wonder why they have seen an engine light. This usually results in negative feedback being published on social media and forums.
A little analogy we like to use is, “If you turn your toaster up too high you will burn your bread”. Now this isn’t the same principle with a vehicle, but it works in a similar way. What you may find is that if you over adjust the system, the vehicle will display an engine light. This usually is telling you that you have been a bit too greedy with the power and the safety tolerances set by the manufacturer has been reached. In most cases, turning the system back to down a setting or two will clear the light.


One of the most common questions we get asked other than what is the best setting which is all explained below is what’s the little black square plug in the box. Now this is a blanking plug that we will supply with the majority of our systems (some don’t require one at all so please ask to see) that plugs into the end of the wiring loom and replaces the tuning box. This reverts the car back to being in its standard settings just with the wiring loom in place. Think of it as an extension cable. We would recommend keeping this somewhere safe i.e. in your glove box just in case you need it. If you have any issues with your system we will likely ask you to run the wiring loom and the blanking plug as 99% of the time this allows us to diagnose where an issue is coming from if we don’t have the car here in front of us so please keep this safe.
Quite often than not customers contact us saying “Joe Bloggs” is running P2+1 I want to run this setting on my car. Our advice is to ignore anything you may have read online regarding the “best setting”, in fact even if you have 2 identical cars in the household please treat each vehicle as a unique item. Don’t simply assume that the setting you’re using in one car, is the best for another.
We are constantly looking to update software and make improvements so don’t compare your software version to a friend’s as you may have completely different software.
So, now we have made you aware that each box and each car is its own unique item we can now explain about how to get the most out of your purchase.
We start off with a little bit of information on how to use the system and making adjustments.


Firstly, the module itself needs power – to make any adjustments to the module the ignition must be in the first position or the vehicles engine running.
Secondly… The LED lights on the module will FLASH 99% of the time – this means the box is in lock down mode and can’t be adjusted but the flashing lights indicate the Program and fine adjustment that has been selected. Once the box is unlocked by holding the plus and minus buttons down the LED lights will then go solid, this means you can adjust the system. After several seconds of inactivity on the keypad the system will lock automatically. If in doubt at any time please read the instructions provided with the kit or get in touch.
Can’t feel a difference with the box fitted?? – Then please check and make sure you’ve not switched the module to “off” If you have 3 LEDs “RED” “YELLOW and “GREEN” flashing under the P button, then the module is switched off. On the Bluetooth module you will have no lights flashing if the box is turned off. Yes, we know it sounds crazy, but this is known to of happened so please make sure you only have 1 LED light flashing under the P with the set adjustments, either RED, YELLOW or GREEN on their own or a P light with the specific fine-tuning settings selected and this means that one of the 3 programmes is selected.



PUSH Button Control Systems
The majority of our Push button tuning boxes come with 3 Programs/Maps. Think of these as 3 separate tuning boxes each giving the same “peak” power and torque, but offering differences in the power delivery and ultimately the way the vehicle drives.
Please note app control modules are named:  
“Sport” ( P1/Map 1)
“Dynamic” (P2/Map 2) 
 “Efficiency” (P3/Map 3) 
For example Program 1 (Sport) may start earlier giving more low down power and torque.  Programme 2 (Dynamic) may offer more mid range power and torque. Programme 3 ( Efficiency) may offer a blend of the both low down and mid range power.
 (Please note this is not a specific description of the programmes/maps selected for your vehicle so please try following the information within this email to set up your DTUK tuning system). 
Our advice would be to start with Program 1, test drive your vehicle and get a feel of where the additional  power and torque is being added. Repeat this with Program 2 and Program 3  (not adjusting the fine tuning. 
This “trial and error approach” will allow you to get a feel of the power delivery the program has to offer. After a short drive of trying each program (maybe a few of miles of different driving types) you will probably settle with your preferred choice. Once you have found your preferred program then adjust the fine tuning. 
With all of our push button systems we optimise the programs to run on 0/+1. Anything higher may result in an engine management light, but there again may not. It is purely down to sensor tolerances, and in some cases fuel quality and ambient air temps can affect things.


The minus settings – we’ve had a couple of customers who have contacted us and have found that -1 or even -2 have given them even better results than 0 or +1. If you are having issues, we would advise customers to try the minus settings as it maybe some bizarre anomaly that can’t be explained as surely – should mean less rather than more?? With mentioning that subject even -3 should and will give you more power than stock. Think of it as 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 rather than -3, -2, -1 zero +1, +2, +3.


If youre still confused, then head over to YouTube and watch this video https://youtu.be/DzHNK5TssrQ
PDI & PD2 systems
For modules such as our PDI, PD2 systems etc please note there is 4 programs… the same principle applies as above.


Red Power & Green Eco3
For systems with a potentiometer (Red, Green ECO3) you have settings 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,A,B,C,D,E,F (1 being the lowest and F the highest) we will send the module out present to the suitable base setting for your application. We recommend to adjust the system up in increments – if you see an engine light reduce the setting down.


If you have purchased an MP2 system for your Mitsubishi 2.5L/3.2L 2001-2006 please contact us via email or by phone on 01207 299 538 during office hours and we can provide you the details.


Engine Management Light?!
If you do see an engine light, don’t worry this is your engine telling you that you’re being “greedy” so please don’t panic! If the system is turned down the light will either go out straight away, or after a certain number of full ecu power downs. (A “full ECU power down” means starting your vehicle, switching it off, locking it, walking away for around 20-30 minutes).


We are also asked the question “what’s this little black block with PCX/RX in the box with the tuning module?” That’s our blanking plug for our systems (please note some vehicle don’t require this – if you’re unsure please refer to the installation manual or get in touch) which reverts the vehicle back to stock leaving the harness in place without needing to remove it entirely if you want the vehicle back to stock easily.  


All we want is for customers to be able to enjoy our product, but to also realise that their car is as unique as them, and in essence some trial and error is required to set up the system to best suit your car, and more importantly your driving style.
Bluetooth Applications
Legal Notice – Usage of Smartphones Whilst Driving is not allowed in many countries. Please Comply to legislation applicable to your country of residence as we will not be held liable for failure to comply.


If you have purchased a system with Bluetooth capability please ensure you are using the guidance as follows:


1. Location of the module is key( please see our routing guides for more info)
2. The keypad of the module must be facing towards the driver or in some cases upwards (if the keypad is facing away from the driver the Bluetooth signal cannot travel out of the module.
3. For the strongest and constant connection, we advise using a mobile phone mount on the dashboard or air vent (Please comply with local legislation).


As small of a team we’re here to help virtually 24/7 so if you have any problems or further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us via email to [email protected] (if you don’t hear back within 3 working days please give us a call on 01207 299538as during busy periods we may take longer to respond via email). If you’d prefer to have a chat, then simply reply to this email and include your phone number and we’ll try and give you a call – please note this is subject to our team being available and, in some cases, it may not be until the following office working hours.
Thanks for emailing and hope you understand why it’s a small yet important part of getting the best from your purchase



Best Regards,

A video showing how to change the settings on the DTUK box via our mobile app

car tuning box with loom