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How do tuning boxes work

HOW IT WORKS…   For many years, engines have been controlled by Electronic Control Units (ECU’s) that interact with an ever-increasing range of sensors across the vehicle. These sensors send signals, sometimes thousands per second, to the ECU. The ECU interprets these signals and responds to ensure that the engine is running at optimum efficiency
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Toyota GR Yaris tuned to 309ps and 398nm using a DTUK Tuning box

Toyota Yaris GR 1.6 261PS The Toyota Yaris GR was launched in 2020 and is equipped with a 1.6 3 cylinder  Petrol engine producing 261PSps and 360nm. Our technical partners DTE Systems developed a plug and play tuning box in December 2020 that we offered via our website several days later Toyota  claimed stats for the GR
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Mercedes A35 AMG Tuning Box

Mercedes A35 AMG 2.0 306PS   The W177 Mercedes-Benz A-Class is the fourth and current generation of the A-Class range of subcompact executive hatchbacks and saloons. It was launched in 2018 as the successor to the W176 A-Class, with sales commencing in March 2018. The A35 AMG was launched in 2019 and is equipped with a
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